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Rockbridge Conservation Virtual Seminar Series Recording: Addressing Carbon Emissions: From Taxes to Offsets Rockbridge Conservation welcomed Annette Green (Boxerwood) for our May 2023 Seminar on different approaches to addressing carbon emissions. We learned about different methods for limiting or offsetting emissions. Annette Green represented COREworks, a carbon offsetting program managed by Boxerwood.…

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Rockbridge Conservation Virtual Seminar Series Recording: “Alternatives to Mowed Grass Lawns” Recorded October 19, 2022 Wren Frueh, of Valley Conservation Council presents “Alternatives to Mowed Grass Lawns.” View slides Alternative ground covers can increase biodiversity and organic content in soils, improving water retention and eliminating the need for chemical inputs.…

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RACC Virtual Seminar Series Recording: “Capturing the Resource Value of Food Scraps: Composting and Beyond” The June 2022 webinar in Rockbridge Area Conservation Council’s seminar/webinar series discusses how to deal with leftover food scraps/residue in an eco-friendly way…just in time for all our summer garden trimmings. Food scraps, composting and more were discussed by…

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Pfas Cycle Amended By Racc

RACC Virtual Seminar Series: “PFAS: Forever Chemicals, Their Health Effects, and What We Can Do”

Presented by Joseph C. DiNardo, MS – Toxicologist
May 18, 2022 07:00 PM

Joe will discuss:
•General information on Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).
•Health risks associated with PFAS exposure.
•Dangers of PFAS associated with Landfill Leachate, Biosolids, and Effluent.
•Mitigating PFAS risks.
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RACC Virtual Seminar Recording: Can Planned Rotational Grazing be Beneficial for the Climate? by Steven Hart 

RACC Virtual Seminar:Perspectives on Planned Rotational Grazingby Steven Hart. Wednesday, February 16, 2022.  Steve's presentation to RACC will discuss the advantages, challenges, and benefits of rotational grazing practices at both the individual farm scale and national scale.Steve’s family operates Hartland…

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RACC Virtual Presentation Recording – Solar Solutions for Habitat for Humanity Homes, Low-Income Households, and Non-Profits” presented by Jeff Heie

Presented Jan 19, 2022 by Jeff Heie“Solar Solutions for Habitat for Humanity Homes, Low-Income Households, and Non-Profits” GiveSolar offers solar solutions for nonprofit organizations and low-income households, providing electricity from the sun while reducing overhead costs and energy poverty by…

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