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The land use planning committee (LUP) covers a wide variety of local and regional land use and development issues.  Members volunteer to monitor the activities of the local planning commissions and other governmental bodies that deal with such issues. Rockbridge Conservation does not hold land conservation easements but helps those interested in land protection with contacts, information and advice.

Current projects include:

Wildlife Habitat Management

Improving wildlife habitat management as well as conservation practices for riparian lands


Implementing the Arcadia Initiative to conserve lands in the southwestern part of Rockbridge County

Irish Creek Rural Historic District

Establishing a potential Rural Historic District in the Irish Creek area

Solar Zoning Regulations

Identifying best planning and zoning regulations for large solar installations to support local planning


Working with the local, regional, and national municipalities and organizations on conservation and trails

Transportation Planning

Coordinating efforts with local governments and the Central Shenandoah Planning District to improve pedestrian and bicycle transportation in the county

Get Involved

Rockbridge Conservation’s Land Use Planning Committee meets monthly at the RC office or by Zoom. Rockbridge Conservation members and guests are encouraged to participate. Email the co-chairs for more information.

For more information, email us at

  • The LUP committee participated in the development of the current Lexington Comprehensive plan
  • The committee will be participating in the upcoming development of the Rockbridge County Comprehensive Plan and the upcoming Lexington Comp Plan revisions.

  • A developing conservation project seeking enhanced awareness of and protection for a critical wildlife corridor in between the Blue Ridge and Allegheny Mountains.
  • Download this brochure
  • Valley Conservation Council (VCC) and Rockbridge Conservation have secured a Special Project Area status for this area and Purgatory Mtn. with the Virginia Outdoors Foundation (VOF). This designation will help promote the acquisition of conservation easements in the corridor. For more information see

New group forms consisting of citizens from surrounding counties:
See Virginians for Responsible Energy website

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