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Rockbridge Conservation Virtual Seminar Series Recording: Addressing Carbon Emissions: From Taxes to Offsets

Rockbridge Conservation welcomed Annette Green (Boxerwood) for our May 2023 Seminar on different approaches to addressing carbon emissions.

We learned about different methods for limiting or offsetting emissions. Annette Green represented COREworks, a carbon offsetting program managed by Boxerwood. This program sells carbon credits to individual and corporate investors. The money raised is used to finance carbon reduction or sequestration projects that offset investors’ personal emissions.

Coreworks sells carbon credits that finance local projects that reduce carbon emissions or sequester carbon to offset consumers’ personal emissions. This is voluntary, unregulated, and immediately available. Many believe that wide participation in emission reductions requires systemic change in the economy. This will require an enlightened public to support policies like this. One powerful option is a Carbon Tax on emissions.

Seminar Chat Transcript

01:08:33 Ginny Johnson: To answer Barbara’s question, according to the EPA source that came up with the formula, the chance that any one tree survives to the end of the project period (15 years after being planted) is 59%
01:16:41 Eric Sheffield: Thanks, all. Sheffields have to move on to other activities this evening. We really appreciate the webinar opportunity and thank Annette for representing COREworks so well!

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