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RACC Virtual Seminar Recording: “What’s in Your Water (The Impact of Chemical Pollution)”

Fall 2020 “Conservation Today” Speaker series
What’s in Your Water (The Impact of Chemical Pollution)
Presented by Joe DiNardo on November 18, 2020

We are exposed to numerous chemicals in our day-to-day life like preservatives (parabens & formaldehyde), flame retardants (phosphorous & PFOA), plasticizers (bisphenols & phthalates), prescription drugs (birth control/hormones & anti-depressants), agricultural chemicals (neonics & glyphosate), industrial “forever compounds” (PCB & 1,4-dioxane) to name just a few. Many of these chemicals have been shown to adversely effect the environment as well as the health of all organisms – including humans at the “right exposure levels”. Sources of chemical exposure come from a variety of consumer products such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, foods and food packaging, plastic materials, clothing, furniture, electronics and many others; all of which end up, sooner or later, in a water source (tap water, wastewater, streams, rivers, ponds, bays, lakes, oceans … etc.). How do we deal with exposure to these chemicals – do we know where they are? How do we identify them – when most are not listed on an ingredient label? How do we minimize the chemical impact to our bodies and environment? How do we get back to having clean water?

PowerPoint slides (pdf)

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