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“Choose to Refuse Single Use Plastics” Campaign

  • The plug’s been pulled. Hurrah.
  • But the fight is still on against the Mountain Valley Pipeline

Dominion Transmission Line

A Rockbridge resident questions the legality of the new transmission towers marring the Rockbridge landscape.

Additional information and updates on the Dominion Transmission Line

  • Following the very successful Rockbridge Solar Coop when many new Rockbridge homes were fitted with new solar arrays, a new solar coop has formed that includes a greater part of the valley and neighboring highlands. A group of people will sign up as interested in solar, a bid will be solicited and then individual proposals to homeowners will follow. Benefit from group savings!

  • Rockbridge Conservation and the Valley Conservation Council formed the Friends of Natural Bridge, a group dedicated to seeing the Natural Bridge of Virginia and surrounding land become a Virginia State Park. The Friends of the Natural Bridge is a consortium of local, state and national conservation, historic and cultural preservation organizations.  Barbara Walsh, our Executive Director and a number of Board members were leaders in the Friends’ successful efforts. The Natural Bridge has been purchased by The Virginia Conservation Legacy Fund and subsequently became a state park. For more information please see the Friends of The Natural Bridge website or contact the Rockbridge Conservation office at 540 463 2330.


  • 2013 Competition: A Special Place
    • In an essay or media presentation, students were asked to describe a natural setting in Rockbridge County that has special meaning for them and to consider how its value can be protected in the years to come. The contest, which carried a cash award of $500 for first place and two $250 honorable mentions, was open to juniors and seniors living in the county and participating in an accredited high school program.
    • Winnners:
  • 2012 Competition: Nothing Wasted
    • The 2012 topic was “Nothing wasted: explore your feelings and insights concerning which Rockbridge area natural resources are most critical to conserve for our future health and welfare” and drew participation from area high schools, and with the generous support of Auto Recyclers LLC in Buena Vista.
    • Winner: David Tilson, a senior at Rockbridge County High School.
      • Nothing Wasted: The Importance of Conserving Wildlife movie(wmv) pdf
      • Honorable mention awards went to RCHS junior Asa Cohen and Lucas Wheeler, a senior at Parry McCluer High School.
      • Lucas Wheeler – Rockbridge County’s Natural Resources movie(wmv) pdf

  • The Zero Waste Advocacy Committee is hosting a list serve intended to to match those in the Rockbridge Area that regularly or intermittently generate organic surplus or waste that must be removed such as restaurants, grocery stores, food banks with those that have resource recovery uses for this material in activities such as gardening, composting, and raising livestock.
  • Also, surplus produce and or seeds from family gardens can find those that would would value these.
  • If you are in any of these categories, consider joining, posting and or reviewing the contents at
  • For further information contact Eli Fishpaw ( or 463-7001)
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