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PROPOSED Rocky Forge Wind Power Plant: Public Comments Encouraged

This map was created by a fantastic resource, the Conservation Hub (CH), to inform public comments about Apex’s proposed Rocky Forge Wind Power Plant. The public comment period is May 26, 2022, to June 25, 2022.

Virginians for Responsible Energy prevailed in their Circuit Court case; and they are looking forward to getting another shot at the public comment period about Apex’s Permit by Right. This “re-do” was a hard-fought win: let’s not waste it! Please crank out those letters of public comment!

We encourage you to check out the Conservation Hub mapping and informational site, supported by Allegheny-Blue Ridge Alliance and Rockbridge Area Conservation Council.

Talking points: the map provides lots of information that you can use to express your concerns in your public comments about the location of this wind power plant. On the attached Conservation Hub (CH) map, the right half of the map is all in Rockbridge County. You can “see” where:

  • bat maternity roosts are
  • where the migratory route of golden eagles is
  • where the turbines would be located (SO CLOSE to the Rockbridge line)
  • where, and if, you will be able to see the turbines from your home;
  • where karst underlies turbines
  • where abandoned mines are;
  • where Apex intends to excavate and bulldoze access roads
  • how close the substation is to Mill Creek and the floodplain

All the documents Apex has submitted to DEQ to support getting a permit are linked on the CH site.

Submit public comments here:

You may also want to provide your comments to both Apex AND to Susan Tripp at DEQ: 

For more information, contact Jeff Scott at Virginians for Responsible Energy by email:

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