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Ad for seminar on Kudzu in Rockbridge County, VA on Jan 18, 2023 at 7pm. Photo of kudzu covering trees.

January Seminar on Kudzu and Other Invasive Plants

January 18, 7pm:  “Kudzu and Beyond: Addressing Invasive Plants in Rockbridge”

Presenter: Jared Lee, SVU


Kudzu, Chinese privet, Japanese knotweed, burning bush, tree of heaven… we have many invasive plants here in Rockbridge County. What can you do about them? Join the Rockbridge Conservation January webinar, “Kudzu and Beyond: Addressing Invasive Plants in Rockbridge” to hear Jared Lee, a biology professor at SVU, take on the topic! Jared will talk about invasive plants in general and issues associated with them as well as local invasives, in particular kudzu, its history, and some recent research on it.

Jared is a professor of biology at Southern Virginia University. His work focuses on identifying invasion routes for invasive species using genetic markers. The lab he worked in for his PhD research focused on a number of plant and animal species introduced between the United States and China including kudzu, privet, and mosquitofish. Jared has observed and collected invasive species throughout the United States, China, and the Philippines. 

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