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Melody Tennant,

The Waste Prevention Committee works with many organizations in Rockbridge County with the common goal of protecting our natural environment by preventing waste.

After successfully advocating for revival of a recycling program in Lexington, the committee worked to raise citizen awareness of pervasive plastic waste, culminating in a July campaign to “Choose to Refuse Single Use Plastics.” Specifically, they:

  • Collected plastic waste from 105 volunteer households for the month of May to illuminate the scope of the problem in Rockbridge County
  • Distributed cloth bags to reduce use of disposable plastic bags
  • Solicited pledges from individuals to cut back on their use of plastic bags and packaging
  • Worked with local governments and businesses to reduce their plastic consumption

The WRC will meet on September 21, 4:30 – 5:30 p.m. at the RACC office to decide next steps. Anyone passionate about this problem is welcome to attend.

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