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Rockbridge Conservation Composting Program

Food Recovery Composting Program

Rockbridge Conservation’s Food Recovery composting program is open to residents on Lexington and takes household food scraps that are then used by a local farmer. We have two weekly drop-off locations: one near Lime Kiln and one close to Woods Creek Park.

Why this matters:

Decaying food contributes a large amount of methane to our atmosphere when it is left to rot in our landfill. By composting, you change the chemical processes (by adding “browns” like dried leaves to the food),allowing the food to decay back to soil.

We are weighing the compost we collect and are tracking the amount of greenhouse gases we are offsetting from the local landfill.

Food Residue that we will take:
All food residue from any materials that were living cells within the last few years. 
This includes all parts of breads, fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, dairy, nuts, etc.

What we DO NOT take:
Do NOT include any of the following materials* in your food residue:  
paper, silverware, plastic utensils, compostable plates and utensils, cloth and paper napkins, food labels, straws, plastic bags, Styrofoam, foils, plastic wraps and any other material not recently a living cell.

*These materials will contaminate the resulting compost, rendering it harmful for farming purposes.  

Cost: free to all Lexington residents!

Join us!
Have questions? Want to participate?

Email us here.

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