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RACC Annual Awards for
Land Use, Sustainability and Conservationist

Awards are giving out at the Annual Meeting and potluck. Click a year to see the award winners.

    • Lifetime Conservation Service Award - Mary Stuart Gilliam - In recognition and honor of her lifetime work as a passionate steward of the natural and cultural resources of Rockbridge County, Lexington, and the Commonwealth of Virginia.
    • Sustainability Award - Founders of the Friends of the Chessie Trail for fostering and bringing to life sustainable and beneficial use of the Chessie Trail for citizens, visitors, and students, as well as the flora and fauna that abound.
    • Conservation Award - Source Water Overlay Zone - Chris Slaydon, Assistant Director of Community Development, Rockbridge County; Sandra Stuart, Associate Director of the Natural Bridge Soil and Water Conservation District; and the Maury Service Authority
    • Robert E Lee Hotel Renewal - Ugo Benincasa
    • Buffalo, Colliers, and Cedar Creeks TMDL Water Quality Improvement Project - Valley Regional Office -Virginia DEQ, Don Kain, Nesha McRae, and Tara Seiber
    • Paxton House Renovation - Paxton House Historical Society, Carlton Williams, Linda Flint, and Fran Williams
    • Conservationist - Faye Cooper
    • Wise Stewardship Awards
      • Lexington and Rockbridge Shool Districts - Public School Geothermal Systems
      • Perry Hammond - Building a new trail to the top of Little House Mountain
      • Bobby Berkstresser and Staff, the first idle-free truck parking stations in Virginia’s I-81 corridor, LED lighting, tree plantings, and health and fitness facilities at his truck stops.
    • Conservationist - Bill Blatter, former Lexington City Planning Director, for his dedication to land preservation, sustainable energy, urban revitalization, and green development, which helped change the conversation about our local environment.
    • Wise Stewardship Award
      • Rockbridge Appalachian Trail Communities Advisory Committee, for their work in establishing the City of Buena Vista and the Town of Glasgow as Appalachian Trail Communities.
    • Butch Snow – For farming practices that have resulted in the conservation of valuable land and improved water quality in the Hays and Walkers Creek watershed.
    • RACC also successfully nominated the following for VCC’s Better Models of Development Award
      • Project Name – Lexington Main Street Renaissance, Class of 2009 – 2010 Preservation and Redevelopment Projects.
      • Project Addresses/locations/owners:
        • Sheridan Building, 115 – 121 South Main Street
          Project Owners - Sallie and John Sebrell
        • First National Bank Building, 22 South Main Street
          Project Owners - Matt Gianniny and Bruce Schweizer
        • Historic County Courthouse, 2 South Main Street
          Project Owners - John G. Adamson
        • Troubadour Theater Building, 36 North Main Street
          Project Owners - Everett Gilbert and Wayne Heslep
    • Donald’s Meat Processing – Tim Donald and Charlie Potter
    • Conservation Easement Donors - Class of 2010
      • Amonette, Gregg B. and Susan P.
      • Black Widow Design LLC and Lucy Ivanoff
      • Black, Edward S.
      • Bloxton, Francis. E., Jr.
      • Brooks, Joan G.
      • Cabe, Paul R. and Leigh Ann Beavers
      • Cash, Michael A.
      • Dod, John B. Dod, II and Nancy Lee Dod (brother and sister)
      • Dod, William R., Trustee, John B. Dod, II, Nancy Lee Dod and Laura L. Dod
      • Dod, William Rader, Trustee of the Eleanor Bell Dod Trust
      • Dowler, David L. & Marsha R.
      • Firebaugh, Donald W., Trustee of Donald W. Firebaugh Living Trust
      • Ford, Russell Seaton and Lindlay Goolrick Ford
      • Gercke, James W. and Adele H.
      • Gilbert, Robert W. and Kathryn W.
      • Glencroft Farm, LLC, Olivia S. Reed, Member/Manager
      • Glick, Katherine H
      • Golian, Bruce K. and Louise F.M. Golian
      • Goodbar, Bernard W. and Judy A.
      • Harris, William L. and Jane P.
      • Hecht, Patrick E., Sr. & Virginia Sue
      • High Meadows Land Company
      • Ingleside Land, LLC, Charles B. Leech,IV, manager
      • Irvine, Charles E. & Edna Colleen
      • Irvine, Christopher L., additional grantor Martha E. Irvine
      • Irvine, Francis W. II, et al
      • Jeffer, Donald P., Sr. & Jeanette R. & Donald P. Jeffer, Jr. & Jeanne L.
      • Johnston, David A. and Audrey Johnston
      • Kerr, Thomas, V, and Nancy J.
      • Kingfisher Farms LLC, Eric S. Spencer, Manager
      • Landes, Patsy R. and Charles Benny Reid
      • Leech, William M., III
      • Leech, William M., III, Leech, Frank M., Ferguson, Dalia S. Leech
      • Mann, Laurence A., Trustee under Land Trust
      • Mann, Laurence A., Trustee Under Land Trust Agreement
      • Martin, Walter L. and Edith L.
      • McLaughlin, Lee M., Jr. and Nancy F. McLaughlin
      • McVey, George J., Jr. & Mary Ellen Houser McVey
      • Moneymaker, Donald M. et al
      • Ochsenbein, Gary D.
      • Pioneer Estate, LLC, Stuart, Martha Boyden et al
      • Potter, W. Stephen and Martha C.
      • Rabern, David W. & Susan J.
      • Sandridge, Charles Michael
      • Schad, Rebecca C. & Klingelhofer, Philip T. & Mary Jane S.
      • Sheridan, John M.
      • Showalter, Charles D.
      • Showalter, Edward G.
      • Sterrett, Margaret L. & Sterrett, M.M., Jr. (add'l grantor)
      • Stone Tavern, LLC, trustees of the William W. Whitmore, Jr. Trust
      • Swisher, Keith L., Marie W. & Frances S.
      • Swisher, Keith Lewis and Marie W.
      • Swisher, Reid K., Jr. & Betty M.
      • The Greene Farm, L.L.C.
      • Thompson, Thomas L., Sr,
      • Tolley, Roger D. and Mary J.
      • Voss, Darvin A. and Gail D. Milan
      • William L. Harris, III and Louise W. Harris, by William L. Harris, III, her attorney in fact
      • Yawars, David E. and Carolyn C.
      • Zentz, Leonard B. and Kathy S.
    • Rockbridge Grown (Peggy Dyson-Cobb, Mary Lynn Lipscomb, Tara Miller, and Linda Wilder)
    • VMI Timberframers – Grigg Mullen (Goshen Shelter in memory of Royster Lyle)
    • Boxerwood Educational Association – Founders, Directors, and Staff
    • Buena Vista Curbside Recycling Program (Auto Recyclers, Hamilton Contracting, Buena Vista Department of Economic Development, Buena Vista Department of Public Works, and Buena Vista Sheriffs Department)
    • Full Circle Catering – Jenny Elmes
    • Effinger Ruritan Club (Bill Ruark; Mitch Wapner, Palmer Ice Cream Festival; David Frazier, Environmental Committee)
    • Rockbridge County Growth Planning Committee (Carroll Comstock, Sam Crickenberger, Keith Holland, Melissa Holland, John Houser, Linda Lam, Clarence Martin, Alexia Smith, Chris Slaydon, Tommy Thompson, Chris Wise)
    • Mulberry Grove and Triple J Farms (Mack M. Serrett, Jr. Family, Barry and Isabelle Chewning Family, Jerry and Margaret McDonald Family, Jon, Jane, Sarah-Jane, and James McDonald)
    • Raphine Sustainable Business Corridor (Herb Farm, Orchardside, Rockbridge Vineyards, Wades Mill)
    • Citizen Conservationist – Jay Gilliam
    • Environmentally Sustainable Living Project - Becky Hill, 6th grade educational program
    • Stoney Run – Holland General Contractors, conservation easement and affordable housing
    • Conservation Easement Donors
      • John and Cherie Taylor
      • Michael and Denise Lennon
      • Donald Firebaugh
      • Albin and Julia Hammond
      • Perkins Family Real Estate LLC
      • Sandy McLaughlin
      • Betty Teague
      • Philip Clayton
      • Keith and Penny Holland
      • Jerry and Joyce Rosen
      • Thomas and Janet Beebe
      • Rodger and Susan Rinehart
      • Harry and Mary Warner
      • William and Virginia Ruddiman
      • Majorie and Glen Rose
      • James and Julia Crothers
      • Anne Zimmerman
      • David and Marsha Dowler
      • Robert Wicklund/ Gerri Wenz
      • Ronald Mosocco
      • Dorothy Truman
      • Mary Moore Mason
      • Larry and Bethany Fresh
      • Jerry and Glenda Jackson
      • Royster Lyle
      • Laurence Mann
      • Paul Elliott and Bill Johnston
    • NEWTS (KB, Hunter Mohring, Boxerwood)
    • Rockbridge County Recycling Program (Kim Thompson)
    • Stoneyfoot Farm
    • No Awards
    • Buena Vista Planning Initiative (City of Buena Vista, Buena Vista Planning Commission, Harold Kidd, Tracy Shifflet, Scott Dadson, Todd Jones, Tim Petrie)
    • REAP (Rockbridge County Purchase of Development Rights initiative) – (Chuck Barger, Sam Crickenberger, Kathy Holm, Nanalou Sauder, Mary Joy Scala, Dave Phemister, Roger Flint, Mack Smith, Ann Whitham, Steve Douty, County Board of Supervisors)
    • New Sewage Treatment Plant (Bob Akins and Service Authority)
    • Woods Creek Restoration Program (KB, Bill Blatter, Betty Besal, Sam Crickenberger, Arthur Bartenstein, Mollie Messimer)
    • East Nelson Street Commercial District (A. & P. Macheras, Frank’s, Wendy’s, Bill Blatter, Tru-Value Hardware)
    • Friends of Brushy Hills (Alexia Smith, Ellen and Larry Martin, Barbara Lachman, Mike Seeger, Kit Huffman, Dave Zwart)